Keith Whaley wrote:
I have been using SM for a long time now, the Mac version, and I have no problems with threading. If anyone changes the Subject line on an existing message, the 'new' message will appear in the same thread in which it originated, without regard to what the Subject line is.

The word 'routinely' gives me pause, however, because if someone wants to change the topic entirely, they ought to post a new message. It's not all that difficult.


I thought I remembered reading that Mozilla newsreaders (for some reason that I did not understand) had changed to using the subject line to do threading (rather than using the referencing info in the header).

Do you see INFO WG's post threaded with the Robert Kaiser (SeaMonkey 2.0 RC2 pre-testing - help wanted!) post that it replies to? I don't (in SM 1..18).

David Wilkinson
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