David Wilkinson schrieb:
> Keith Whaley wrote:
>> I have been using SM for a long time now, the Mac version, and I have
>> no problems with threading.
>> If anyone changes the Subject line on an existing message, the 'new'
>> message will appear in the same thread in which it originated, without
>> regard to what the Subject line is.
>> The word 'routinely' gives me pause, however, because if someone wants
>> to change the topic entirely, they ought to post a new message. It's
>> not all that difficult.
> Keith:
> I thought I remembered reading that Mozilla newsreaders (for some reason
> that I did not understand) had changed to using the subject line to do
> threading (rather than using the referencing info in the header).
> Do you see INFO WG's post threaded with the Robert Kaiser (SeaMonkey 2.0
> RC2 pre-testing - help wanted!) post that it replies to? I don't (in SM
> 1..18).

SM2 doesn't care about the subject, probably uses IDs, threading remains

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