Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
Some people don't know how to create new messages, so they just find an existing message from the same recipient and reply to it. I wouldn't have expected that in this forum, though -- I see it mostly from AOHell types.

I've purposely changed the subject, and I expect it to stay in the same thread as usual -- this functionality goes back at least as far as Mozilla and probably all the way to Netscape. If INFO WG'S system isn't sorting correctly, perhaps (s)he's sorting by subject and not by thread. SeaMonkey knows the difference.

[INFO WG was the person who, I thought, had changed the subject of Robert Kaiser's original post. I was the one who said his/her thread did not thread with the original post.]

But you are right. YOUR post (with yet another subject) is indeed displayed with the rest of INFO WG's thread. So I guess I was mistaken about Mozilla reader using Subject line to do the threading. (Maybe it is some other reader that does this.)

Looking at the headers of INFO WG's post, it contains no References line, so maybe INFO WG was not making a reply, but rather deliberately creating a new thread with a manually inserted "Re: ". This is the opposite of what you are suggesting.

David Wilkinson
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