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Robert, the latest SM RC2 Build 3 that is the Build we need to be Windows testing, that is the 13MB file at:

Index of /pub/



No offense, but this habit of routinely replying to posts and changing the subject line is very disruptive, because it causes SM1 (and I think all Mozilla news-readers) to lose the threading.

Maybe you don't use the threaded view, but most/many people do.

I have been using SM for a long time now, the Mac version, and I have no problems with threading. If anyone changes the Subject line on an existing message, the 'new' message will appear in the same thread in which it originated, without regard to what the Subject line is.

The word 'routinely' gives me pause, however, because if someone wants to change the topic entirely, they ought to post a new message. It's not all that difficult.

Some people don't know how to create new messages, so they just find an existing message from the same recipient and reply to it. I wouldn't have expected that in this forum, though -- I see it mostly from AOHell types.

I've purposely changed the subject, and I expect it to stay in the same thread as usual -- this functionality goes back at least as far as Mozilla and probably all the way to Netscape. If INFO WG'S system isn't sorting correctly, perhaps (s)he's sorting by subject and not by thread. SeaMonkey knows the difference.

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