asmpgmr schrieb:

 To expand on that somewhat short statement: I think the most prominent
 case is a modal dialog that is triggered by a page that is loaded in a
 background tab or other window.

I've honestly never had that happen. I would think that if you goto a
site which does something that requires user interaction (i.e.
password, missing plugins, etc.) then you would see this fairly
quickly before you had a chance to switch to another window. In this
case of password entry this would be expected and for things like
about:seamonkey this is due to user input so your point doesn't apply.

I'll always open links in the background, no need for a chance to switch. Just a middle click with my mouse so i can open a lot of them if they are near by -like on newspages. When a modal Dialog comes up i don't know to which page it belongs.

Also there are some areas of the world which are realy slow with page loading - try the asus webpage *g*-, so there is a delay in which i could change the page.

I don't like modal dialogs in most cases, but in some cases they are good. But most ppl. don't care about them, put them in the background and wonder why SM dosn't respond and blame the program. Also I'm not happy about the infobar but i get used to it.

Forcing your own personal UI likes and dislikes upon everyone without
a choice is definitely not a good way to go.

SM 2 is young, be patient. There is a lot to do which is IMHO more important. File a Bug, submit a patch and get your feature.

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