> On a previous occasion I did ask, but I got the impression from the
> negative reactions that even if I wrote a patch, it would be
> unceremoniously turned down.
Therein lies the problem. There seems to be somewhat of a lack of
regard for user choice on the part of the developers for things they
don't personally like. This is much more so for Firefox but is
starting to affect SeaMonkey as well. The thing with certain
developers disliking modal dialogs is a good example. No one is saying
that they should like them but to consider that some users don't have
a problem with them and would prefer them to other UI and to provide
prefs to allow the user to choose.

SeaMonkey 2.0 changes:
- missing plugin notification uses infobar instead of a modal dialog
- password manager uses input field dropdown instead of a modal dialog
- download progress dialog was apparently intentionally hobbled (and a
patch to improve it rejected)
- About SeaMonkey opens in a window only

Out of curiosity, what is the problem that some of the developers have
with modal dialogs anyway ? Is this a Linux/Unix thing ?
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