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D. K. Kraft wrote:

In SM 1.1.x, there was a non-UI pref to have about:SeaMonkey display
in a modal window (IMO, *not* stupid, but useful; YMMV):
browser.show_about_as_stupid_modal_window.  This pref is no longer
functioning in SM 2.

This dialog was provided as part of XPFE. The new toolkit did not
provide an equivalent, and at the time we didn't think it was worth our
while writing a replacement dialog along the lines of the
Firefox/Thunderbird dialogs. There is also the problem that links in the
about: dialog didn't work very well.

This doesn't quite make sense.  If SM 2 is using Toolkit, why would it be so
difficult to port FF's about modal window to SM 2?  I realize I have no
program writing background to understand the idiosyncrasies that would have to
be worked around between SM 2 and FF, but on the surface, for this one
purpose, it doesn't appear that it should be so convoluted to execute.  Is
there such a radical difference between FF and SM 2, regardless of the
commonality of Toolkit, that would make this a huge task?  Not trying to be
obtuse, but it seems like such a simple, isolated function.

Just to get in my digs, and yes, whine a bit, from a practical standpoint, I
think the presentation of SM 2's about info in a tab is unwieldy, since I
often have to find the tab among a group of others when many tabs are open.
The modal window is short, to the point, on top of all else, and for this
purpose alone, a cleaner execution IMO.  SM 2 isn't FF, I know, but in this
case alone, I think emulating FF's execution would be just--I don't

Yeah, it's just my user opinion, but looking for the about info in a buried
tab really is a bit of a PITA.

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