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On Oct 24, 5:40 pm, Robert Kaiser <ka...@kairo.at> wrote:
1) Tabs were not in IE until very recently (IE7) while Mozilla has had
them for ages (Opera was the first tabbed browser, though).

2) The vast majority of users love tabs, please accept that while you
might be one of our users, you are not the majority and can't speak for

I don't like tabs either and see them as a pointless waste of screen
space when the OS already has window management and its own taskbar
which can be hidden but I don't care that tabs are supported because I
have the choice not to use them. Tabs also seem to use more resources
and essentially duplicate functionality already in the OS.

4) As in any open source project, those who actually give time and work
to the project have the most influence of what's happening. Nobody can
change that, it's the very nature of how things work, and an increasing
amount of people seems to be happier with that than with the alternatives.

Granted but why do things like change the download progress dialog UI
to be less usable because you don't like dialogs (Your words:
"Download progress dialogs ? Eww!"). There really is no reason why
this can't look more or less the same as SeaMonkey 1.x

5) Accept that you are not always in the majority or target audience
group among users.

Does this mean that people who like the SeaMonkey 1.x UI aren't the
target audience for SeaMonkey 2.0 ??

Phillip, if I am to believe your message header, you are using Win98! SeaMonkey 2.0 is not supposed to work on Win98, so are you complaining about something you haven't even tried yet?? Or have you found a way for getting SM 2.0 to work on Win98 (Please, oh please, Phillip, you'll be my friend forever!!)??

Hang on, Phillip, you almost got away with that, Phillip.....but then, just before I hit sent I remembered that you use Mac OSX or whatever, so you must have your SM prefs munged!!

You almost got away with that, Phillip!

No I use Mac OSX 4.11. There isn't a Windows machine within a quarter mile of my house thank you.

There is no modal window in SM2 for Mac. As for the Active -X Comments its combination or Reading various internet news feed, plus helping some of my relatives that use Windows machines and Friends. I suggest they turn off active-x and the malware attacks seem to disappear.

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