Leonidas Jones:
>JD wrote:

>> Did not work for me. I installed in into D:\SeaMonkey2 and when I launch
>> the .exe file in that folder


>>I get my old SeaMonkey. SeaMonkey 1.1.18
>> The location and name of the file that gives me that version is:
>> D:\SeaMonkey2\seamonkey.exe
>> Right click Properties says: Version, Product Version: 2.0
>> Modified: 17 October 2009 12:08:30
>I think we probably need to have someon who knows Windows better then I 
>to jump in.

And i don't know much either. My last Win was Win98SE which i only used
for games. But i would start SM calling D:\SeaMonkey2\seamonkey.exe
directly from, uh, there is no xterm in Win, but surely there is a
possibility to execute such a command. :)

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