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I'm currently running SM 1.1.18 but install all my programs on my D
drive. Yes, I'm one of those people. 1.1.18 is installed at:

When I go to install SM 2, it wants to install in:
C:\Program Files\SeaMonkey\

Can I install 2 in: D:\SeaMonkey2 and leave my older version alone? It
works so good for me and I'm seeing the thread Cannot Launch
SeaMonkey 2
by David E Ross and nr's reply having the same problem and just like
David I don't use IE for anything but MS updates.

Houston, do we have a problem?

Well, most people are installing with no problem, but it is brand new
software,so there are bound to be some glitches.

First of all, even if you install SM 2.0 in the default location, it
will not overwrite the existing SM 1.1.x. It installs to its own
location, and sets up a new profile in a new location. As long as you
do not uninstall SM 1.1.x, you cn easily run the two independently of
each other.

Therefore, you can select a custom install, and place the program
wherever you like. If something goes wrong, you can always run SM
1.1.x, and fix the 2.0 install at your convenience. Most likely,
nothing will go wrong.


Did not work for me. I installed in into D:\SeaMonkey2 and when I launch
the .exe file in that folder I get my old SeaMonkey. SeaMonkey 1.1.18

The location and name of the file that gives me that version is:

Right click Properties says: Version, Product Version: 2.0
Modified: 17 October 2009 12:08:30

Houston we have a problem.

Windows XP home edition, SP3, latest updates, IE6.

I think we probably need to have someon who knows Windows better then
I to jump in.


So far you're the only one to reply to this thread. I appreciate your
help but as far as I'm concerned SM 2 is not good. Version 1 always
worked for me without a problem but version 2 is not working. I'm not
going to let 2 over-write my older version. Maybe it's time to move FF
and TB? I just want something that works.

The darn thing has only been out a few hours. I would suggest that you are way too quick on the trigger to give up so soon, though I understand that you are frustrated, and I do sympathize.

Contrary to what the mozilla help pages say, SM 2.0 is not going to overwrite 1.1.x on Windows XP. I am pretty comfortable in saying that, since I've done it myself, and can open both with ease.

Most people are getting it to work without a problem, as I have. I am a Mac guy primarily, so why don't you wait for those more expert in Windows to take a look. Tomorrow is another day, and I bet we can get it to work.

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