DoctorBill wrote:
I hate Windows 7 !
I knew XP quite well, but Windows 7 is a ^#$@#^%$$  &^%&$$#O^E !

I try to search for a file on my hard drive(s) and use that window on the Upper Right Side
of Windows Explorer (is that still the name of it?)

I type in something - like *.spag*.*   --- looking for an old recipe for spaghetti in an old WORD file.   I use the wildcard (*) because I don't remember the exact NAME i saved it under years ago. I press enter and I get an IMMEDIATE "No Items To Match Your Search"  - IMMEDIATE. I know it didn't search squat - I am looking thru an ENTIRE USB drive of one terabyte capacity ! Once in a blue moon, I can see the blue bar progress from left to right at the top - it is searching !  But 99% of the time, it responds INSTANTLY - no search was really done.

HOW do I get this $&@%# program to actually DO a search for a file ?


I am sorry - I realize this is not a Windows News Group....apologies !

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