On 4/12/18 1:48 AM, Ray_Net wrote:
Jonathan N. Little wrote on 11-04-18 22:33:
Ray_Net wrote:
Jonathan N. Little wrote on 11-04-18 06:45:
Mozillian wrote:
Posting a n=message and get an error do the retry but no love.

hit cancel and it kills my post.  COme on how stupid is that !!!!!!

I have to retype the whole thing.

Why didn't you CTRL+S and save a draft before canceling?

Why are we obliged to do so ?
I agree with the OP it's stupid to erase the message !

If SeaMonkey saved a draft automatically on every canceled message I foresee a number of folks with burgeoning draft folders...

The problem is not "saving" or "not saving" the problem is that when a send operation is cancelled, the mail must be still present and displayed permitting another try to send.
it's stupid to loose a not-sent message ...

I don't recall ever having to "cancel" a send operation, and still would like to know what is a n=message. Newsgroup message?

Maybe the news server had a problem. Isn't there a Retry or Save option when a send operation fails?

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