Edmund Wong wrote on 16/05/18 15:00:
Ant wrote:
On 5/15/2018 3:46 AM, Frank-Rainer Grahl wrote:
  > I say on your May 14th Seamonkey Meeting Notes that Seamonkey
Composer may be discontinued?

Where did you see this? I wrote the notes and this is not mentioned

  > There was an enquiry by Mozilla if the Composer standalone product
in Bugzilla

I just added a clarification here in case you meant this.

I saw it too.
https://wiki.mozilla.org/SeaMonkey/StatusMeetings/2018-05-13#Action_Items was
where I saw it.

The removal is of the Composer component/product in
Bugzilla.mozilla.org, and not the actual application.
We're planning to move the Composer product in Bugzilla
under SeaMonkey::Composer.


Edmund, just as a By-the-By, would those still developing Thunderbird have an interest in any Composer bugs?? If so, would they have access to SeaMonkey::Composer??


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