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Ant wrote:
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Windows 10, SM 2.49.4

Task Manager showed SM using 32% memory with email and one browser window open. The browser had only one tab with the Washington Post front page. Closing the browser reduced memory use to 24%; after closing the email then reopening it, it used only 7%. I've noticed this high memory usage before. Is there a way to avoid it, or to reduce it without closing the program? I don't mind closing/reopening the email, but often I have several windows and tabs open, so it's a nuisance to
close the browser, too.

It isn't just you.

SM has always been a memory hog.
I run it with disk cache disabled, set to 1Mb that is.
Prefetching disabled, check page on every load.
It exceeds 2Gb for me daily, at times spiking to 4Gb.
Thank goodness for the restart button.

The pattern I have noticed indicates not all memory is released when a
page is closed.
If a page takes 150Mb to render, 25-50Mb is not released.
It could be an incomplete release list, or some automatic allocator that
fails to report memory usage correctly.
Not that FF is much better behaved.
No idea on chrome, I won't allow it on my system.

Still better than the mess that is FF.
I am so glad I can kill tabs, I hate those things.

Ditto. SM v2.53.2 and earlier still use old Gecko's web browser engine. I was told v2.57 uses the newer one that current Firefox uses. It still has a long way to go before it's stable for the public though. :( I have to exit and restart my SeaMonkey often because of bloated web sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit's new design (old design is fine), etc. It really hogs resources like memories, CPU, etc. SeaMonkey even freezes and sometimes get stuck forever! It doesn't even take long too for these issues to come up too! :(

Ther is no new web browser engine. Actually 2.53.x has many backports here. 2.57 and up are not really faster. Just bloated sites these days.

Oh. Firefox's newer Geck web engine is much faster than the one in SeaMonkey. :(
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