I'm using default values for everything. Here are some relevant lines from my freenet.ini:

# Select which implementation of ThreadFactory to use. Q: QThreadFactory (default). F: FastThreadFactory. Y: YetAnotherThreadFactory.

# Should we use thread management? If this number is defined and non-zero, this specifies the max number of threads in the pool. If this is overrun, connections will be rejected and events won't execute on time.

But I'm confused. Why does General Information say maximumThreads=40, while freenet.ini says it's 120 by default? And does this mean the real default value (40) is being set way too low?


Brandon Low wrote:
What is your thread limit?  From the looks of that it is incredibly
low... Also, are you using YThreads or QThreads... what you might want
to do is increase your thread limit to something closer to 200 or 300
and change to YThreads.


On Wed, 10/29/03 at 22:06:53 -0800, Martin Stone Davis wrote:

I've been running 5029 for over a day. I noticed recently that outgoing bandwidth decreased significantly. Is this problem already known about?

From General Information:

Current routingTime 207ms
Curent messageSendTimeRequest 496ms
Pooled threads running jobs 47 (117.5%)
Pooled threads which are idle 45
Current upstream bandwidth usage 2962 bytes/second (24.1%)
Reason for refusing connections: activeThreads(47) >= maximumThreads (40)
Reason for QueryRejecting requests: Estimated load (100%) > overloadLow (85%)
It's normal for the node to sometimes reject connections or requests for a limited period. If you're seeing rejections continuously the node is overloaded or something is wrong (i.e. a bug).
Current estimated load 100% [Rejecting incoming connections and requests!]
Reason for load: Load due to thread limit = 117.5%
Load due to routingTime = 73.1% = 85% + 15% * (207.953 - 1000.000) / 1000.000 <= overloadLow (85%)
Load due to messageSendTimeRequest = 82.5% = 85% + 15% * (496.871 - 1000.000) / 3000.000 <= overloadLow (85%)
Load due to output bandwidth limiting = 0% because outputBytes(177714) <= limit (589824.009 ) = outLimitCutoff (0.8) * outputBandwidthLimit (12288) * 60

From Environment:

Thread Pool     
Total pooled threads    75
Available pooled threads        34
Pooled threads in use   41
Pooled Thread Consumers         
Class   Threads used
Checkpoint: Connection opener   1
freenet.Message: Accepted       1
freenet.Message: DataNotFound   1
freenet.Message: DataReply      1
freenet.Message: DataRequest    1
freenet.Message: QueryRejected  2
freenet.Message: QueryRestarted         1
freenet.interfaces.LocalNIOInterface$ConnectionShell    12
freenet.node.states.data.DataStateInitiator     14
freenet.node.states.data.TrailerWriteCallbackMessage:true:true  5
freenet.node.states.request.RequestInitiator    2


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