> > version on win2k server and I install it by just clicking on
> > webinstall.exe .
> What build number?  That sounds like a very old version.  You need to
> upgrade it to build number 5082.  See instructions for upgrading on the
> website.  Basically, replace freenet.jar with the new version.

Please don't add to the confusion Edward.  Version is the version of
freenet.exe (on Windows - as reported by looking at the About dialog), which
is NOT the same as the version of the freenet.jar.   When freenet is
installed on Windows, freenet-webinstall.exe automatically downloads and
installs the latest jar.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:  you have the latest version, you don't need to upgrade
anything.  It sounds like perhaps your NAT box is not correctly forwarding
the port to freenet on your machine?   Alternatively, you can ignore the
"could not insert ARK" error for now, and keep trying to access content on
freenet (e.g. gpl.txt) and see if this is possible.   The ARK error might go
away as your node adapts to the network.


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