Am Mi, den 07.07.2004 schrieb Paul um 18:25:
> Router Config
> You need to set the router to foward port 11354 to the ip address of
> your redhat machine. That is the DMZ setting. If your router just
> makes one comptuer the dmz then set your redhat machine as the dmz.
> Error
> Is another copy of freenet running? 'ps -A|grep java' will have a
> progam called 'javaw' running if freenet (or another java app) is
> running. You can always change the port that it should bind too. You
> should have privliges to bind to that port.
> ~Paul

HM !!

A few steps further but not there yet

So i set the DMZ, but how do i know if it works ?? Any idea with
traceroute or anything like that ??

When you say i should have the rights to that port, how can i find that
out ?? I am logged in as user, any way to test ??

Thanks you anyway for your immediate answer, i did not expect it so fast

Regards Luigi

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