On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 09:15:13PM -0700, Steve wrote:
> Thanks for the response folks!
> I _am_ running gentoo, and i was using /etc/init.d/freenet to start my node.  That 
> means that freenet was running with a mem max of 256MB.  However, The amount of 
> memory used was MUCH higher than that.  When I shut my node down, top would tell me 
> that between swap and ram I would free up about 500 megs of ram after freenet ran 
> for a day or so.    I wasn't looking at individual virt or ecc values.  

You must have been looking at one of them! WHICH ONE?! What did Freenet
claim it was using on the Environment page? 500MB is neither unusual nor
a problem if it's VIRT, because of the wierd way memory is counted.
Also, if it is using a lot more real RAM than expected, it's probably
the JVM's fault.
> I changed the java mem limit in /etc/init.d/ to 192, unfortunately, I haven't been 
> around to run my node, so I can't report any performance differences.   
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