Freenet 0.5 is an opennet. You connect to any random node that happens
to be on. Freenet 0.7 doesn't have this yet. In 0.7, there is no main
network. There might be now, but the idea of the way it currently is
setup is to allow small groups to connect without connecting to
everyone else. Pretty much, there's nowhere for the content to go.
It'd be like trying to move everything on the internet to your local
That, and it's just a complete program re-write I believe. It's quite
easy to 'convert' the a page, save it, and then
re-upload it. The data stores work differently, and anyways the data
is distributed, so there wouldn't be any easy way to move it over.

I've got a question for the developers.

First a couple of comments.

I've been watching the thread 0.5 vs 0.7, and although you want to move it
somewhere else I welcome it.

I brought up 0.7 about 5 days ago. It's been running ever since, I think. I
don't monitor the PC that it is on, but I do see activity on the router port
for the PC. I didn't much like the idea of asking people to let me access
Freenet through them, but I did. I still think that is a good idea to gain
initial access to Freenet, but after that it should go find other nodes and
establish connections to them. I shouldn't have to always rely on the ones
that were on IRC chat at the time I decided to set up the application.

That said, here is by question.

>From what I've seen here, there is a huge base of Freenet users on 0.5, and
a large amount of content. What I fail to understand is why going to version
0.7 all of that userbase and content was dropped. Why there was no way to
connect to that Freenet and have access to the users and the content. I've
tried to think of an example of some other internet application that made
such a radical change that the entire existing base was dropped, and quite
frankly I can't come up with one. I've seen application for my PC change so
radically the data from the old application had to be converted before it
would work, but a migration path was always provided. Developers, why did
you do that?

I'm new to the Freenet community, and I find it incredulous that years of
effort involved with building the Freenet community was abandoned
completely. What you have created is a 0.5 and a 0.7 Freenet; both will
exist into the future. Just as many security conscious people quit upgrading
PGP after 6.52 because source code was no longer readily available, many
people will quit upgrading Freenet after 0.5. The difference is with PGP a
file encrypted with 6.52 can be read by the newer versions. Freenet has
isolated all of it's previous userbase and content.

There is a saying, "Throwing out the baby with the bath water." You have
done just that.

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