So by running 0.7 in default mode I'm running in darknet? Or is there
another piece of the freenet puzzle I need to discover?

It is a "darknet" because unless you give out your ref to someone
(like currently on IRC but that will change when 0.7 becomes large
enough for users to know friends using 0.7), it almost impractical to
tell you are even running Freenet.  The "open-net" is promiscuous and
is easily mapped.  See

They can have your IP address and with an ignorant judge, the RIAA
MPAA etc can serve you a lawsuit for copyright violations (regardless
of whether or not you are infringing.)  All they have to do is
convince a technologically ignorant judge that Freenet is like the old
Napster or similar program and they traced "copyrighted material"
coming off your IP address.  You are now hiring a lawyer to get the
case dismissed.  That is a plausible reason to use a darknet instead
of an open-net here in the "free" West.  Now imagine running the
program can get you thrown in jail for "subversive information
spreading" in some Eastern country and they can collect the info just
as quickly with an open-net...  A darknet would slow them down

Now you see why open-nets are bad in the long run?

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