Dear mailing list,

I have sent an email to the frost and freenet mailing lists multiple times now.
I don't know where else to ask. For weeks I have been having the
problem now that Frost won't start.

I am using linux and gnome. When I start Frost I am asked which
version of of freenet I am using and I choose darknet 0.7. After
clicking OK I only get as far as "initializing mainframe". I waited
for like 20 minutes.

I ran the debug version which didn't provide any helpful hints in the log file.
Actually no (relevant) entries.

I am behind a router. Freenet is working OK, I can retrieve pages, so
it must be a frost problem.

Is my configuration file screwed up? I redownloaded the and
extracted it again and it still won't work.

I want to participate in free speech but I don't know where to get
help but on this mailing list.

Who could kindly help me, please?
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