richard hepplewhite wrote:
> Hi!
> Could anybody explain in simple words which steps to take to start up Frost 
> in ubuntu? So far I didn't succeed.
> Thanks!
> Richard

The problem may be that Ubuntu uses GNU java, not Sun Java. You will need to do 
the following:

in the terminal window:
   sudo apt-get sun-java6-jre
(you'll need to agree to some licencing things, but it will work)

Now another problem will be that your computer will *still* use the gnu java 
after that, so you'll need to change the alternatives.

in the terminal window:
   sudo update-alternatives --config java

You will be asked to chose which one to use, so select the thing which has 
in the path.

This should work, if it still doesn't ask away, i'll try to help.

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