Sometimes Frost has taken a while to start up for me  too, but I don't know
This mainly happens if I haven't used it for a few months.
One  thing to check is if there is a dialog box warning you about old
versions of keys (I wondered why Frost wasn't starting, and this was buried
behind loads of other windows!), but if this is a new install, then this
shouldn't be the problem.

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> Sent: 17 June 2008 20:59
> Subject: [freenet-support] Please somebody help. Frost won't start
> Dear mailing list,
> I have sent an email to the frost and freenet mailing lists 
> multiple times now.
> I don't know where else to ask. For weeks I have been having the
> problem now that Frost won't start.
> I am using linux and gnome. When I start Frost I am asked which
> version of of freenet I am using and I choose darknet 0.7. After
> clicking OK I only get as far as "initializing mainframe". I waited
> for like 20 minutes.

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