I've just found Freenet, and it looks really great.  I've always considered
freedom of speech pretty much the most important thing you can have, so I
love what this is doing.  Anyway, I've had what seems to be a good idea -
set up people at my school to use freenet.  I'm planning to bundle it with a
few other apps (tor, firefox+privacy addons, utorrent, etc) and let people
download it and put it on their flash drives, and run it whenever they get
on a school computer.  As they did this, they'd connect to a mini-freenet
(darknet of course), within the school.  The main problem I've got here is
that freenet doesn't work over LAN, or at least I can't figure out how to
make it do so.  I don't want one computer on freenet, and the others running
a browser pointed to 192.168.1.X.  I want to set up a darknet composed of
computers within the same LAN.

If anyone knows how I could do this, or could suggest another way to do it
(I tried WASTE, and couldnt get it going either) I would very much
appreciate it.

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