Jonathan Bannister пишет:
> I'm having diffuclty connecting.  Can you advise?

I believe that if you go to and put in that IP 
address that might help.

               - Volodya

> Unknown external address
> Freenet was unable to determine your external IP address (or the IP 
> address of your NAT-device or firewall). You can still exchange 
> references with other people, however this will only work if the other 
> user is not behind a NAT-device or firewall. As soon as you have 
> connected to one other user in this way, Freenet will be able to 
> determine your external IP address. You can determine your current IP 
> address and tell your node with the 'Temporary IP address hint' 
> configuration parameter <>. Also, it 
> would be a good idea to forward the ports 61616 and 27307 (UDP) on your 
> router to make it easy to connect to your node.
>     * Temporary IP address hintTemporary hint to what our IP might be;
>       deleted after us
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