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> On Monday 28 September 2009 21.54.52 VolodyA! V Anarhist wrote:
>> Jonathan Bannister пишет:
>>> Thank you for this sugestion.  I have done this repeatedly, with no
>>> success.
>>> I note the following suggestion: "it would be a good idea to forward the
>>> ports 61616 and 27307 (UDP) on your router."  How is this accomplished?
> I am using firestarter firewall, and that's where I forward my ports (I am 
> using ubuntu linux)

The port may be blocked at any level *before* the firestarter even gets a 
to see it. Think of the network connection as a water pipe, if you have several 
volves prior to the one at the tip of the hose closing any single one of them 
will block the flow of water.

Router is the piece of hardware that takes the traffic it receives from one 
network and sends it to the different network. One of those "networks" can 
actually be seen as the cloud of "the Internet" (since it is connected on and 
with more and more networks). At some point there is a closed port before it 
reaches the internet.

ISPs sometimes close the ports, and if you have a router in your house, it may 
have come preconfigured to close everything unless told to do otherwise. I 
honestly do not know enough at this point to help you any more... sorry.

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