Thank you.  I will think about it some more.

Best wishes,

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> bqz69 пишет:
>> On Monday 28 September 2009 21.54.52 VolodyA! V Anarhist wrote:
>>> Jonathan Bannister пишет:
>>>> Thank you for this sugestion.  I have done this repeatedly, with no
>>>> success.
>>>> I note the following suggestion: "it would be a good idea to forward 
>>>> the
>>>> ports 61616 and 27307 (UDP) on your router."  How is this accomplished?
>> I am using firestarter firewall, and that's where I forward my ports (I 
>> am
>> using ubuntu linux)
> The port may be blocked at any level *before* the firestarter even gets a 
> chance
> to see it. Think of the network connection as a water pipe, if you have 
> several
> volves prior to the one at the tip of the hose closing any single one of 
> them
> will block the flow of water.
> Router is the piece of hardware that takes the traffic it receives from 
> one
> network and sends it to the different network. One of those "networks" can
> actually be seen as the cloud of "the Internet" (since it is connected on 
> and on
> with more and more networks). At some point there is a closed port before 
> it
> reaches the internet.
> ISPs sometimes close the ports, and if you have a router in your house, it 
> may
> have come preconfigured to close everything unless told to do otherwise. I
> honestly do not know enough at this point to help you any more... sorry.
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