On Tue, 7 Sep 2010 10:17:07 -0400, Uriel Carrasquilla wrote:
> I am trying to add multiple 24/7 servers to the freenet cause but I
> have run into problems. I basically had to go one by one to do it
> manually.
> 1) wget to obtain latest version.
> 2) tar -xz...
> 3) 1run.sh
> 4) run.sh
> It seems I then need to go via the browser to http://localhost:8888
> to complete the installation. Since I have to do it remotely, I have
> to modify freenet.ini to allow remote access. Then I can attempt to
> complete the installation.
> There has to be a better way.  I read somewhere that if I just copy
> everything, I might run into problems because of the way keys get
> assigned. I may end up with my node having the same key as the master
> source of my freenet directory that I copied.
> Any advise please?

You shouldn't run into problems doing a direct copy, assuming you
change the four ports mentioned in freenet.ini. You will simply have
multiple instances of freenet running, each accessible via it's own
http port, each accessing it's own udp data pipes/local sockets. I

I also think you're mixing up your keys :b. The master key to which you
refer is just (optionally) used to encrypt the local cache (the
node.db4o* file .. which stores your in-progeress downloads/uploads).
It has nothing to do with freenet's keys (CHKs / SSKs / etc).
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