> I'm currently working on a bartPE install of Freenet. I have a working
> system now (I'll post that in the thread I started about this), however
> I hit the same type of problems.

> What I did in the end was to install freenet on a clean PC, run the
> wizard once and then copy all the installation files - but I emptied the
> datastore directory. When Freenet is started it recognises that the
> datastore is empty and corrects itself. It seems I had to keep the
> caches (node.db4o(.crypt), temp-PORTNUMBER and
> persistent-temp-PORTNUMBER) otherwise freenet bombs out with a complaint
> that these didn't exist although I suspect there's a configuration I
> could set in freenet.ini that stops that error (anyone know what it is?)

I will be looking for this post of yours.  I hope it is in this same list.
It seems there are several steps to be taken before the cloning can be 
Thank you.

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