On Wed, 8 Sep 2010 11:07:07 +0100, Mark wrote:
> >>>> You shouldn't run into problems doing a direct copy, assuming you
> >>>> change the four ports mentioned in freenet.ini. You will simply
> >>>> have multiple instances of freenet running, each accessible via
> >>>> it's own http port, each accessing it's own udp data pipes/local
> >>>> sockets. I think.
> >>> thank you for getting back to me.
> >>> If I understand you correctly, if I copy the "freenet"
> >>> directory/subdirectories from machine A to another machine in a
> >>> different geographical location, say machine B, I don't need to do
> >>> anything but start the service (run.sh start). All of my
> >>> configuration files, trusted friends, etc. will be duplicated from
> >>> machine A to machine B. Then, a new KEY will be issued by machine
> >>> B that I can use to make friends with machine A. Correct?
> >> Oh ... hrmm ... right, each node has it's "identity key" ...
> >> stored in the opennet-OPENNETPORT and node-DARKNETPORT files. I'm
> >> not sure what would happen if two nodes with the same "identities"
> >> run at the same time. (They will, of course, but I'm not sure
> >> what, if any, collisions will happen. I don't think I want to find
> >> out either :b.) Perhaps (my wild guess) if you delete these two
> >> files they will be regenerated?
> >
> > There is yet another problem.  The cache (both of them) will
> > contain information from the originating Machine A. It seems, there
> > is no easy way to clone.
> >
> I'm currently working on a bartPE install of Freenet. I have a working
> system now (I'll post that in the thread I started about this),
> however I hit the same type of problems.
> What I did in the end was to install freenet on a clean PC, run the
> wizard once and then copy all the installation files - but I emptied
> the datastore directory. When Freenet is started it recognises that
> the datastore is empty and corrects itself. It seems I had to keep the
> caches (node.db4o(.crypt), temp-PORTNUMBER and
> persistent-temp-PORTNUMBER) otherwise freenet bombs out with a
> complaint that these didn't exist although I suspect there's a
> configuration I could set in freenet.ini that stops that error
> (anyone know what it is?)

Hmmm -- I regularly delete those caches, for various reasons, without
problems. How long ago did you have that problem? (Maybe it was
corrected since then.)

Also, I still think there will be a problem with cloned nodes having
the same identity. At least with ARKs (which are node-unique USKs that
hold IP information, to help with NATs, I assume) -- each of the
clones, I believe, will be inserting different (IP) information to the
same USK. And I suspect other conflicts will arise too. (If you have
two clones connected to you as peers, will your node see them as
different nodes even though they have the same "identity (keys)"? If
not (perhaps they will be regarded as multiple addresses to the same
node, similar to and, since they will each
eventually have different "locations" in the freenet topology, their
contribution to freenet will not be avaiable to you.) That's my
handwaving, at least.
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