On Tuesday 07 September 2010 15:17:07 Uriel Carrasquilla wrote:
> I am trying to add multiple 24/7 servers to the freenet cause but I have run 
> into problems.
> I basically had to go one by one to do it manually.
> 1) wget to obtain latest version.
> 2) tar -xz...
> 3) 1run.sh
> 4) run.sh
> It seems I then need to go via the browser to http://localhost:8888 to 
> complete the installation.
> Since I have to do it remotely, I have to modify freenet.ini to allow remote 
> access.

It's amazing how many geeks don't know about ssh -L 8888: :)

> Then I can attempt to complete the installation.
> There has to be a better way.  I read somewhere that if I just copy 
> everything, I might run into problems because of the way keys get assigned.
> I may end up with my node having the same key as the master source of my 
> freenet directory that I copied.
> Any advise please?

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