On 17-05-15 07:26, Dave Larsen wrote:
> 2ND, im browsing with 40-60 peers accessing my FREENET node, but all of a
> sudden, i get a screen saying FREENET is startingup or shutting down, when
> i didnt do anything to stop it

This is most likely caused by a misguided configuration.

> 3RD, when i can stay "on" long enough to dl a file, […]
> them /or save and restore them, or, i get internal java lang heapspace
> error

And here's the evidence. The restarts you experience are in fact crashes
due to Freenet running out of memory.

Your node seems to be configured it in such a way that it requires more
system memory than it's assigned. Please try to increase your node
memory assignment. The setting to change is 'Maximum memory usage' in
the 'Configuration → Core settings' menu, under the 'Wrapper' heading.

> but the worst one is, i have a file complete but i get a ;
> "java.io.EOFException", for 99% of what i have "successfully downloaded" ,
> not too successful

Probably your downloads got corrupted due to the frequent unexpected
restarts. If you no longer experience random restarts, and still
encounter download corruption, please let us know.

> 4TH, i am doing this on brand new, 500gb 7200 rpm hdd, 4 g ram, 60mbps up,
> and download wifi speed, (my computer reads 72mbps for that), freenet
> detects 59mbps for my up and dl speeds, no data limit, no bandwidth limit,

Your WiFi connection speed is not a measure for the actual connection
bandwidth of your internet connection. Unless you have a 100 Mbit fiber
connection to your ISP, your actual upload bandwidth is unlikely to be
this high.

Note that Freenet cannot always reliably detect your internet connection
bandwidth. If you wish to know yours, there are several services out
there to test your bandwidth (http://speedtest.net for example).

> i have dedicated 100 gib of space for the datastore, and 20gb each, for the
> 3 other stores, i have my ram cache, (instead of the 43mib it wants to give
> me), i set it up to 240 mib.

Having a large RAM cache reduces the amount of memory usable by the rest
of Freenet. If you insist on having a large RAM cache, please do
increase your memory limit as explained above.

> i also have 1 3rd party system cleaning
> program and one ram boost program. 

RAM boost programs don't help performance. Even Windows is quite good at
managing system memory nowadays. That said, running one shouldn't
dramatically decrease your system performance either.

> [endless ranting omitted]

Please keep this conversation polite, thanks.

Before comparing Freenet to Google and other service providers, note
that Freenet is free software distributed under the GPL license, which
explicitly states the below:

>    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
>    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

Freenet is maintained and supported mostly by volunteers. Our available
time and resources are limited, but if you ask politely, we will try to
help you out.

Thank you for trying Freenet.

— Bert

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