On Thu, 11 Dec 2008 12:39:59 +0100, "Level 13" <level13 at gmail.com>

> What could be the problem? I have the latest Java installed.

Outdated freenet.jar and/or freenet-ext.jar.

> I admit I hadn't run the 0.7 node for some time, and last time I ran
> it, it already reported it was too old. (Which also brings me to my
> next question: If the node doesn't have the mandatory latest version
> installed, do I have to perform a manual install/upgrade from the
> website, or can it still be done from within the (running) node?)

Ideally it should have been able to update itself--what version are we
talking about? In any event, the easiest thing to do in my honest
opinion is to simply run the update.cmd script, and let it fetch the
latest stuff for you. Alternatively, you could manually download the
two aforementioned jars from http://downloads.freenetproject.org/alpha/

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