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> Hi,
> I use the OpenNet mode and I want to use a firewall to block certain IP
> addresses. All traffic is blocked, except for TOR and Freenet which aren't
> blocked by the firewall. Even with a "deny all"! Why? You have an idea?

Because you allowed Freenet and Tor to accept conections from the internet?

If you ran darknet, you could make a firewall rule and allow connections only 
to your manually added Darknet peers ('Friends'), but as long as you run 
Opennet, your node need to be able to communicate to any IP.

You could either use a 'negative' firewall rule like "allow connections on port 
<opennet port> to everyone  excpet <list>", or software like PeerGuardian that 
blocks a list of "bad" IP's: you could use that software and replace their "bad 
IP's" list with your own list of IP's you need to block.

Note that the PeerGuardian approach of blocking IP's based on who owns them 
(NSA, etc) is essentially pointless because if the 'bad guys' are going to spy 
on you, they won't do that from secretservices.gov ; they would use apartments 
and connections on private citizens' names.

Anyways, yours is basically a firewall question. Check out your firewall's 
manual, read some forums, use Google, etc., and learn how to make a firewall 
rule to deny access to specific IP's/ranges

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