Luke771 wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 23:31:46 +0100
> "3BUIb3S50i 3BUIb3S50i" <3buib3s50i at> wrote:
>> Thank you for your reply.
>>  I tried to block all traffic. Everything is blocked, except Freenet and
>> TOR.
>> I wanted to allow only the IP ranges of some countries. And allow connection
>> to seednodes. This is an intermediate solution between darknet and opennet.
> No, this is nonsense.
> You can run darknet, opennet, or even both side by side, but there's no such 
> thing as an 'intermediate solution' The idea of blocking whole countries 
> (based on -what? biased information from the propaganda machine?) makes no 
> sense at all. Please reconsider your position.

There was shitlist on 0,5 right before 0,7 got released. I even contributed to 
it by writing range thingy rather than being able to block a single ip at the 

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