On 13/10/2016 02:24, Dave Warren wrote:
> More importantly, nearly every case I've seen where an active community
> of technically inclined helpers assist novice users moves from a mailing
> list to a forum, many/most of the helpers don't go with it, leaving the
> forums a barren wasteland of users begging for help and receiving
> nothing, while the technical users often follow dozens of lists and
> can't be bothered with terrible, slow and different forum interfaces.

This. Community fragmentation is always a risk when changing the
underlying technical infrastructure for the community.

> For those who don't understand the difference in interface, and the
> importance of consistency, sit down with a maillist power user
> and
> if those answering go away, so ends it all.

All of the above is my experience too.

Mark Rousell

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