Citando Marc Lavallée <>:


 GAFA is the main provider of spyware (a well documented subject).

 At least Android is free software (or “open source”),

 so some versions of Android are free of Google’s spywares,

 There’s also quite a lot of free software for Android,

 available from the F-Droid repository (and there’s probably others).

Ok, now I see your point: You can install your own version of Android.

(But most people just use the Android they "get" i.e. buy, even not being able to replace the OS.)

The specific problems I had with Windows 10 on my (cheap) PC tablet was:

 - The whole system is a spy/bloatware, and the disk was almost full (of it)

- It was (too) often auto-updating, filling up the disk even more with incremental patches

 - Softwares were running slow compared to similar Android apps

- I don’t (really) need a desktop OS on a tablet… It’d be nice, but I can live without it.

(As an experiment, I replaced Windows with Linux and it was running much better,

 but I could not use it because some important features were still missing).

Good point. Linux needs some convincing tablet (touch) version, still...

The Surface tablet computers from Microsoft are like iPads from Apple;

 they are built and optimized by the company providing the OS.

Android (based on the Linux kernel and GNU software) is designed for generic computing devices,

and the companies selling such devices with Android are often doing a good job.

But Windows 10 on generic tablet PCs don’t seem to work well (at least for me).

 Yes, HDMI seems to work well on my Android tablet.

Thanks, we are now far beyond "basic OS bashing"...  😉




 On Mar 10, 2018, at 3:23 PM, wrote:

Citando Marc Lavallée < <>>:

Hi Gus.

 True that Windows 10 is horrible, except maybe for the Entreprise

 version without all the builtin consumer spywares, but I don't think

 this version is easily available. I tried Windows 10 on a double-boot

 Android/Windows tablet, and it was so bad that I erased it to keep only

 Android... I used Windows 8.1 to setup permanent installations (not my

 choice, as an employee) and they will work well (for a little while).

Now I can't resist:

 1. Are you sure that Android is any less spyware than Windows10?

 (Because most people seem to think otherwise...)

2. Is Windows 10 really so horrible on tablets? (I see plenty of professional people using Surface laptops/tablets.)

Not wanting to get into polemics, but Android is certainly not the same as Linux. (Even if being based on Linux.)


P.S.: And please, does Android support hdmi in any way better than windows? Big doubts here...

A permanent installation *must* be cleaner proof; it should be capable

 of (re)starting up automagically when power is applied. If it's not

 possible (without an expert on the spot), a U.P.S. helps a lot, but

 it's not enough.

 Electronic art deserves the same care (and love/budget) than industrial

 processes; it's possible (in part) even with consumer-grade computing

 equipment like mac minis, but each version of OSX (and Windows) are

 different and anything that Apple (and Microsoft) are adding to "help

 users" must be disabled in order to control the OS at a lower level.

 My experience was that it's a lot more work to properly setup and test a

 mac mini or a Windows machine than a Linux machine.

 I hope than the younger generation of electronic artists will discover

 and adopt free software with the use of "Raspberry Pi" like computing

 devices; some of them have features like eMMC disks and battery power

 management. They are cheap, reliable, small, and many of then can

 stream 7.1 over over HDMI... If there's a demand, Max/MSP could

 definitely run on such devices...

 That said, I will soon work on a new project and part of it will run on

 Max/MSP because one of the collaborator knows it well.

 I wish you good luck this year!



 Le Thu, 8 Mar 2018 13:54:51 +0000

 Augustine Leudar <> a écrit:

Hi Marc,

 The processing involve dhere is not too CPU intensive - rather its

 whether the graphics card is capable of transmitting 8 channels of

 audio over HDMI that I am wondering about .

 Marc - its a commercial project and we will be connected online to

 update/make changes if necessary. As mentioned its possible to

 automatically tell the max patch which drivers ot use etc. I totally

 agree with you on "if it can go wrong it will" and it has to be rock

 solid - the last permanent install we did the cleaners kept unpluggin

 it - - we'd get the call "its not working !!) - wed drive two hours

 to ge tthere and switch it back on. Lessons learnt. Linux would be my

 prefferedd choice for stablitiy but it doesnt have the software tools

 to do what is needed in this instance (Im a big fan of soundscape

 renderer on linux ) nor are those involved in the project profficient

 in Linux. I have however found windows 10 to be a complete pain in

 the ass for anything thats installed for more than a couple of days.

 This will be for a year. best


 On 8 March 2018 at 09:50, Dave Hunt <>



 Mac Minis are not that expensive, though whether they are adequate

 depends on how much audio processing is required.

 After set up you may not need a monitor, keyboard or mouse, though

 these are fairly cheap and readily available now. These are only

 required if something goes wrong, usually when an audio interface

 or other external unit is not powered up when the computer

 boots.They can be set up to boot and run a program automatically to

 specified times, or to run a program when booted.

 If it is a long term install, the cost of this part of the system

 becomes very low compared to other installation costs, and the

 daily management of the whole.


 Dave Hunt

 On 8 Mar 2018, at 01:34, wrote:

 From: Augustine Leudar <>

 Subject: Re: [Sursound] realtime 5.1 streaming over hdmi ?

 Date: 7 March 2018 18:37:46 GMT

 To: Surround Sound discussion group <>

 Yes we got it working immediately on the Mac - one channel on


 obviously there's an extra cist involved for client if they have

 to buy a Mac! Its a longterm install.

 On Wednesday, 7 March 2018, jim moses <> wrote:

 The Mac HDMI out sounds like your best bet. You may need to work



 audio-midi-setup app to make it work (seeting the # of channels

 and then assignments in 'configure speakers').



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