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> Citando Marc Lavallée <m...@hacklava.net>:
> >  GAFA is the main provider of spyware (a well documented subject).
> >  At least Android is free software (or “open source”),
> >  so some versions of Android are free of Google’s spywares,
> >  There’s also quite a lot of free software for Android,
> >  available from the F-Droid repository (and there’s probably
> > others).  
> Ok, now I see your point: You can install your own version of Android.
> (But most people just use the Android they "get" i.e. buy, even not  
> being able to replace the OS.)


Most people won't know and won't care, but it's fairly "easy" (or not
too difficult) to disable many Google apps and services on any Android
devices; as a new user, skip the creation of a Google account, then
disable all things related to Google in settings/apps. It won't get
rid of all surveillance activities, but it's a good start... When
possible (not all devices are supported) it is just easier and safer to
install a custom Android firmware, because none of that extra
customization is required. Then, as a rule of thumb, use only free
software from the F-Droid and Guardian Project repos, install a safer
browser (Firefox Klar or OrFox), and if the phone is rooted install an
ad-blocker based on firewall rules. A safer device also runs faster
and requires less power, which is a good thing when used as an
ambisonic recorder or player...

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