Hi all,

  so as Gus mentioned we did a detailed comparison of a number of Ambisonic 
microphones including the H2n, which you can find a summary of on my blog or in 
the original papers in the AES library for all the details. Here are my general 

- in general the H2n unsurprisingly can't quite compete with a proper Ambisonic 
microphone as it's missing height, and the irregular spacing of the capsules 
causes a reduction in localization accuracy and some other issues.

- however, it is definitely usable, and the fidelity of the inbuilt microphones 
is not bad at all considering the price, and ease of use. Especially for 
capturing general ambiences or the like it's more than usable, and I nearly 
always record with a H2n just as a backup as well as another Ambisonic 
microphone (this saved me on a couple of occasions).

- the price, and physical size are very useful as it is something you can stick 
in a bag and turn on and setup in seconds, which make it very handy for off the 
cuff recordings (although that's true of the Brahama also of course).

So my two cents, it's flawed but actually very good for the money.


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