On 04/09/2018 01:49 PM, Augustine Leudar wrote:
My guess would be the AD converters are not great - DA converters are
generally flat as a pankake these days but AD converters are not always on
cheaper stuff. I tried it with various different microphones and was never
happy - several other sI know found the same. Of course they dont have
phantom power either ...

But the internal capsules do have phantom power! Which can lead to SpHEAR Franken-Microphones like the one in the attached picture[*] :-) That was the first prototype, works fine (too bad the H2N does not store four channel recordings in "native" format, makes things more difficult). One hole on one the side and the right connectors and you are in (and a lot of work, mind you). I have yet to finish assembling the second. Only so many hours in a day (24, last time I checked, too few).

-- Fernando

[*] part of the SpHEAR project:

On 9 April 2018 at 21:43, David Pickett <d...@fugato.com> wrote:

At 22:36 09-04-18, Augustine Leudar wrote:
PS thats with the onboard capsules though - the AD converter is a mini
in and terrible quality.....

Why is this? It is counter-intuitive. I mean, the actual input level and
impedance may be non-standard and need some accommodation, but having taken
care of that, why should the quality be worse than using the microphione
mounted on the side?
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