We have modified more than a 100 Zoom H2ns into Brahma-in-Zoom. We have 
incorporated the MS to XY conversion into the filtermatrix so there is no need 
to do additional conversion. It would have been nice to have raw signals on the 
MS pair, but I can live with it.

The MS signal in my Zooms is always the rear pair. I wire it so I can see the 
meters during recording. I have not seen too many problems because the lower 
dynamic range on the MS pair (specifically on the M channel)

The external input on the Zoom h2n is rather odd. It has its own preamp and for 
some  reason it is very poor quality compared to the four channels connected to 
the internal capsules.


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I recently built a tetrahedral array into a zoom h2n, but had problems with the 
m/s encoding of the first two channels eating into the already limited headroom 
of the mic pres. The signals are added together on the m channel and the 
resulting recording levels are very different on the first two channels when 
compared to channels 3 and 4.
I do with you could record channels 1 and 2 raw, like you can when in two 
channel m/s mode.

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