Wait, George, don't sell that land, I've got a better idea. Take maybe 250 
acres of it and go to a
diversified organic farm, as I said. Take the other 750 and plant it all to 
switchgrass, big and little
bluestem, side-oats gamma, compass plant and prairie dock, coneflower, and all 
the other prairie plants native
to your area. Then sell all that big equipment you won't need anymore, and 
stock that 750 acres with buffalo and
prairie chickens. Set up your own little packing plant (powered by wind) and 
have "sportsman" come hunt-for-pay
the buffalo and prairie chickens, you butcher and wrap and freeze for them. 
  You'll get rich. Or at least have a fairly comfortable life, eventually 
you'll convert another 200 acres to
prairie, and organic truck farm the last 40 or so to sell organic veggies and 
herbs to go with that organic
buffalo and prairie chicken. 

Harmon Seaver   

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