I firmly believe that all GM's should be regarded as potentially 
dangerous in the regard towards cross breeding and also in the fact that 
the target of their modification my become immune to their modification. 
  This requires education and management on the farmers part. I can 
expand on this with the use of a Non-GM crop. If that's what you want to 
call  it.  Amaranth was introduced into KS about 12 years ago by a "All 
Veggie" group who was wanting someone to grow the plant for them so they 
could make an all Veggie High Protein flour.  It has taken over the 
entire area.  Up to until the introduction of Round-up Ready corn their 
was no chemical we could use to control Amaranth.  This non-GM weed (to 
us anyway) has cost us more money and lost production that any other 
single item I know of. Some say it has cross breed with the "Common Pig 
weed" to produce a chemically immune pig weed that is also extremely 
hard to control. If someone was to ask me if I would have been more 
concerned if amaranth would have been a GM, I would have to answer "I 
could not care less." Both of these weeds were created in hell by Satin 

Right now the USDA is working on a new variety of grain sorghum that 
will have a higher starch content.  Through selective breeding but 
someday bio-technology as well. That will yield a higher alcohol yield 
per bushel of grain.  To me this is just plain "GREAT"  Someday we will 
drown the arab nations in alcohol. Send them back to just killing each 
other instead of including us. They will have to buy alcohol and 
biodiesel from us like we are buying crude oil from them now. Since they 
have no agriculture to speak  of.

But what really angers me through. No one can come up with a challenge 
that will stand up in court, many have tried and lost.  It wasn't for 
the lack of money either, these anti everything environmental groups do 
seem to be very well financed. If someone could come up with a challenge 
that could stand up in court. Then I could believe it had some merit. I 
would back off GM's in a flash. But they can't, so then they start in 
with the mis-information crap.  Keith had quite the series of articles 
awhile back regarding the mis-information on bio-diesel.  So it is with 
all farm chemicals and now all GM's. The chemical Roundup breaks down 
completely in nature.  It was originally produced from Caster Beans. 
Fact is Monsanto's patent on the Roundup Ready gene in corn and soybeans 
is being challenged because it exists naturally (some say)   in both 
corn and soybeans.  This would make this GM a naturally occurring plant 
if Monsanto ready did find this gene in corn and soybeans and not man 
made as the patent requires.

So many of the new GM's require a very small amount of chemical, 
herbicide and insecticide. So little that they would have to be 
considered "Green" when compared to the other options available. Maybe 
someday their will be no chemicals or fertilizer required. They are 
working on this. The good has to be weighted against the bad and 
everything has both good and bad traits.

I as a farmer do not like to use chemicals. I consider them to be 
dangerous but necessary.  They are also very expensive and I don't like 
the idea that they have the potential to hurt the environment.  I live 
here too you know. I would have to be considered "Environmental 
Friendly", most farmers are. It is good politics and good business to be 
as "Green" as possible. In fact, nothing would make me happier than to 
throw away all chemicals and non organic fertilizer.  I would much 
rather grow 20 to 30 bushel corn for $10.00 per bushel than 175 to 200 
bushel corn for $1.40 like it was last year. The reduced work on me and 
wear on my machines would be a bonanza. America's cheap food policy 
depends on agricultural chemicals, and increasingly on GM's as well.


> I have nothing against gm crops, per se, based on my limited knowledge. What
> irks me is when the "inventors" of such crops go after innocent farmers,
> when the gm stuff starts cross breading in the wild.

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