If I could get out of the taxes this would generate, I would have done that a 
long time ago.  Just a dream now.  Remember that vicious circle I wrote about. 
Their is more than one, not only have to keep getting bigger, but the bigger I 
get the more it will cost to quit.

Good idea though, I really like it

Harmon Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>   Wait, George, don't sell that land, I've got a better idea. Take maybe 250 
> acres of it and go to a
>diversified organic farm, as I said. Take the other 750 and plant it all to 
>switchgrass, big and little
>bluestem, side-oats gamma, compass plant and prairie dock, coneflower, and all 
>the other prairie plants native
>to your area. Then sell all that big equipment you won't need anymore, and 
>stock that 750 acres with buffalo and
>prairie chickens. Set up your own little packing plant (powered by wind) and 
>have "sportsman" come hunt-for-pay
>the buffalo and prairie chickens, you butcher and wrap and freeze for them. 
>  You'll get rich. Or at least have a fairly comfortable life, eventually 
> you'll convert another 200 acres to
>prairie, and organic truck farm the last 40 or so to sell organic veggies and 
>herbs to go with that organic
>buffalo and prairie chicken. 
>Harmon Seaver   

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