That financialization mentality is why I have long argued for a carbon tax with enough bite to be notice. At least in BC where you are, there is a real carbon tax, and even at relatively modest levels, it does seem to be having an impact. (overall fossil fuel in BC has been falling since the tax was put into effect)

I had a longish highway drive yesterday to and from an out-of-town meeting. A large work crew with a lot of equipment was laying fresh asphalt on the road. A decade ago, nobody around here would have considered paving a heavy use roadway in October.

I'm trying to see if I can push our house to Nov. 1 before activating the furnace. In years past, a few considered me radical for trying to get to Oct. 1 before doing that. In my childhood, the furnace main switch was turned on sometime in September.

Is there any sign of local (BC) awareness of the Nathan E. Stewart sinking near Bella Bella, or is anyone connecting that lame response with the M/V Marathassa bunker oil dump last year? Yesterday's (non-)responses from Coast Guard Commissioner Jody Thomas bordered on offensive. Nobody is talking about the fact that the 'world leading' spill response promised by the feds and oil industry simply can't get on scene, let alone work effectively, in a timely manner during weather conditions which are not unusual in that area.


On 10/22/2016 7:13 PM, robert and benita rabello wrote:
On 10/22/2016 14:59, Darryl McMahon wrote:
I have a few minutes to think and reflect today.

It's 2 weeks after the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  I still have a
lot to do to get ready for winter.  But in my memory, we had to have
most of this done by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, because hard
freezes were due, and a soft freeze might have happened.  Even just 5
years ago.

    I hear you. We've built a new home and moved back to Summerland,
where we lived 22 years ago. Okanagan Lake used to freeze over from
Penticton to Summerland, but now it barely freezes around the shallow
edges of its southern shore. I remember seeing ice fog here, yet the
last two years that I've been back in the area, it's never cold enough.
We have Mourning Doves living here now. It feels like California . . .

    Now that we're over the 400 ppm mark, I suspect that climate changes
we're seeing now are the beginnings of permanent changes for which we
are totally unprepared. People are strangely complacent, though . . .

    When they see the evaporator panels for our Sun Pump on the roof,
the first question they ask is, "How much did it cost?" I've started
replying with, "How much is a stable climate worth?"

    We're ingrained to see dollar values in everything. However, the
price of a biosphere that supports us can't be quantified. We're so
accustomed to "privatizing profits and socializing costs" that people
like me, who build for efficiency, are seen as eccentric. I shake my
head at this kind of attitude and quietly worry about the trouble that's

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