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That financialization mentality is why I have long argued for a carbon tax with enough bite to be notice. At least in BC where you are, there is a real carbon tax, and even at relatively modest levels, it does seem to be having an impact. (overall fossil fuel in BC has been falling since the tax was put into effect)

Among conservatives, the carbon tax is seen as a power grab by the government.

I had a longish highway drive yesterday to and from an out-of-town meeting. A large work crew with a lot of equipment was laying fresh asphalt on the road. A decade ago, nobody around here would have considered paving a heavy use roadway in October.

Agreed. The same thing is happening here. Highway 97 is being resurfaced, creating a commuting nightmare between Penticton (where I work) and Summerland (where I live). It's astonishing how many cars with single drivers (I'm guilty!) line up to leave town at the end of the day. Normally, my commute takes 12 minutes. This week, it's been closer to 40.

    But who resurfaces a road in October?

I'm trying to see if I can push our house to Nov. 1 before activating the furnace. In years past, a few considered me radical for trying to get to Oct. 1 before doing that. In my childhood, the furnace main switch was turned on sometime in September.

I grew up in California. Some winters, we didn't turn the furnace on until January . . .

Since I've lived here, it's usually October. Since we have a Sun Pump supplying our household energy, we just set the thermostat and it comes on whenever the house cools down. This fall, it's been extraordinarily rainy for this region. I don't remember getting this much rain when we lived here 22 years ago. It was a LOT colder and drier back then.

Is there any sign of local (BC) awareness of the Nathan E. Stewart sinking near Bella Bella, or is anyone connecting that lame response with the M/V Marathassa bunker oil dump last year?

Among activists, yes. But for most people, the US election is a preoccupation. My friends in Terrace are pretty upset about the impact of pipelines and oil tanker traffic on the Skeena River salmon run. That's not making the news, though.

Yesterday's (non-)responses from Coast Guard Commissioner Jody Thomas bordered on offensive. Nobody is talking about the fact that the 'world leading' spill response promised by the feds and oil industry simply can't get on scene, let alone work effectively, in a timely manner during weather conditions which are not unusual in that area.

Yes. And they want to put a dilbit terminal at the entrance of the aptly christened Hecate Straight . . . The provincial government is pushing a big LNG facility south of Kitimat, too!

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