Hello All,

  I'd like to take a moment to echo the general sentiment here.  Although I
have not contributed very much to the list, I have read and followed-up on
many of the items that have been posted here over the years.

  I am grateful for the time, effort and thought that have gone into keeping
the list active.  Thank you all very much for your offerings, it is/was
appreciated and will be missed.

   (in Hamilton, Canada)

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i, for one will be sorry to see the list go. I, too am an old bastard, that
wants a safe, clean world.
 I try to live softly on this planet, & feel I try to help my fellow man.

 I also wish to thank Darryl & Keith for the time spent on keeping this list

 I for one, hope that the politicians of this world wake up to the needs of
our planet.
 I am sure they do not realise we live in a closed loop, so every action has
a consequence for future generations.

 Good luck to all in the future.

Thanks to all,
(in Northern  NSW, Australia)

On Thu, 22 Dec 2016 14:42:18 -0800 (PST) Chip Mefford <c...@well.com> wrote:

> It has been many years now since Keith passed. 
> As things stand, Darryl is about the only traffic posted here and even 
> that is echoing (admittedly interesting) stuff posted elsewhere.
> If anyone is interested, I can and am willing to provide the 
> subscriber's list if anyone wishes to continue this work.
> As things stand, this mailing list is the only mailing list left on my 
> mailman server that gets any traffic at all, and the spam to post 
> ratio is about 70:1 (intercepted).
> As of 20170101, the list will shut down.
> The archives will of course remain in place until such a time as those 
> responsible for them decide to take some other action.
> Please take these few days to make your farewells.
> So long
> and thanks for everything.
> your list-admin
> --chipper
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