> On 11 March 2018 at 10:53, Rodney W. Grimes
> <free...@pdx.rh.cn85.dnsmgr.net> wrote:
> >> Sorry, -ENOTIME for 8265 this weekend, but it working fine (and much more
> >> stable) with 7260.
> >
> > Thanks for keeping us informed.
> >
> > I am uncertain as to the state of iwm in stable/11, should the
> > Intel 8565ac work, or not?  I have exchanged an additional
> > round of email with the volunteer tester, he says he is
> > running an unmodified stable/11, now trying to find out if he
> > is updating that regular or not.  Hopefully we can have some
> > test results soon.
> There has been a lot of discussion on this thread and I did not have
> time to digest it all.
> That being said
> - stable works for my hardware
> - there is one known issue that I have not yet resolved. I originally
> committed to resolving it this past week, but held off due to the long
> discussion here
> - I will take full responsibility for ensuring that anything working
> before my changes continues to work on stable
> - however, I will need reports of people who are able to help bisect
> to the broken changes

Simple question you could answer before I have this guy do a bunch
of work, *should* the Intel 8565AC work in stable/11 now?  There
is a specific PR and commit to ^/head that adds this functionality,
did that get merged and stay, or ?

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