I'm trying to find a good way to implement the following use case:
I'm building a WireMock-based mock of a 3rd party API my project depends 
on. I'd like to be able to write a suite of tests that can be run against 
either the real API or the mock, where each HTTP request/response is 
captured and validated against a Swagger spec.

I realise swagger-inflector is capable of validating exchanges, but it 
appears to be tied to a specific server-side stack (please correct me if 
I'm wrong!). I'd like a library with a similar architecture to this one for 
RAML, which works against its own HTTP model and has adapters for various 
HTTP clients: https://github.com/nidi3/raml-tester. That way I can run it 
client or server, pick my own client and adapt it to WireMock's request log 

If such a library exists, please can somebody point me to it?

If it doesn't there's a good chance I'll end up writing it, so my next 
question (for core community members) is: Would this would be of interest 
for community adoption?


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