Karl Kuras wrote:
> > No can do, but if anyone does have it I'd be more than happy to convert it
> to
> > VideoCD for viewing on a DVD player.  The following is only slightly
> off-topic,
> > but I'll bring it around to software collecting in a bit:
> Following up on the whole discussion of converting video to digital, have
> you tried converting the digital to Divx format?  I've found it to be
> exceptional when it comes to quality (if done right) and can save you the
> $10 media of DVD burning, (not even to discuss the equipment).

I hate DivX with a passion.  I'll spare you the 10 reasons I hate it,
save one:  You can only play DivX on PCs.  (And extremely high-end Macs
and Linux boxes, but only if encoded with the open-source codec.)

If you really want to know why I hate DivX, ask me privately at
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and I'd be more than happy to tell you why.  Nobody
should be using DivX.

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